About Us


Hello, I am the maker behind Y&V Crochet. My name is Rosalinda a small town girl from WA state. I am a mommy of 2 beautidul girls and a wife to an amazing hardworking husband. A little background story how Y&V Crochet started.. started years ago with my first born I tried to make her a blanket.. didn't come out that great to say the least. But the passion started long before that when I was very young. Until again Fall of 2020 I decided to make her a beanie this time around, and loved how much crocheting "relaxes" my mind I fell in love with it again. Crocheting has quickly become very therapeutic for my mental state, so any chance I get I crochet. After, many friends and family asked me to make their loved ones items too. I finally made an IG thanks to my bestfriend, and Y&V Crochet took off. I am very grateful for all the support and love. I hope you stick around and follow along to see where this jounrey goes.

 -Rosalinda D.